Terms & Conditions

I hereby certify: That I agree to pay the Course enrollment fee as according to my application immediately upon receipt of the Course Material. I have (or will) apply/applied to become a SASHI (South African Society of Home Inspectors) member, or am already a SASHI member or candidate member and undertake to adhere to all the terms and conditions of such membership application in all respects. that I understand and acknowledge that the THITA Home Inspection Course material which I am purchasing is copyrighted to the author and that I will not myself nor allow any third party to copy it or portions of it in any manner, format or style, except for the inspection templates and Home Inspection Report which the author has indicated in writing to THITA may be used by all THITA trainees and SASHI candidate members. I understand: * That as an enrolled student of the THITA Home Inspection Course, I am not a full MEMBER of SASHI and in order to perform inspections I am required to become a SASHI member. * That until I receive written notice from THITA that I have officially been accepted as a Certified Inspector following successful completion of the THITA Home Inspection Course, I may not and will not use the THITA or SASHI name or logo to advertise, or imply in any promotional material that I am affiliated with either THITA or SASHI. * I have read, accept, and fully understand all statements in this THITA endorsed Home Inspection Course Application. I hereby certify that all statements are correct. I understand that any failure to comply with the above or falsification or breach of copyrights may exclude me from membership in the South African Society of Home Inspectors (SASHI) and The Home Inspection Training Academy (THITA) or result in legal action. Release: * For and in consideration of the course material provided to me as facilitated by THITA and endorsed by the South African Society of Home Inspectors, I hereby waive, release and forever discharge THITA and SASHI, its Board of Directors, officers, members, servants, agents and employees, of and from all suits, claims, causes of action, damages, losses or injuries that I shall or may have for any reason or cause including but not limited to those related to the implementation or enforcement of the SASHI Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and/or any other activities relating to the completion of the THITA Home Inspection Course.