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THITA Distance Learning

THITA provides a full inclusive Distance Learning Course in Home Inspection, which means that Learners (Course applicants) can apply for the course Online, buy it Online and receive it Online. They also complete the whole Course at their own time and complete the various Tests in the Modules of the Course at their own time and pace. The Final Exam is also completed as an open book Exam and sent in to THITA for marking when the Learner is ready. The exam is marked and the results sent back to the Student Online. When the Student is ready for the final Practical Inspection, this is the only part of the Course that is not done Online and THITA arranges with a certified Inspector to complete a Practical Inspection with the Student.

The THITA Classroom Course course costs R8 000 and arrangements may be made to pay it off. Payment options include:
- Once-off: R8 000 upfront
- 3 Month Installment: R4 000 deposit with installments of R1 333 per month over 3 months
- 12 Month Installment: installments of R666 per month over 12 months

THITA License Package

The THITA License Package provides Learners with a full package of services that includes:
The THITA Course Material | A License to utilise the THITA Intellectual Property, Business Systems and Procedures | Full access to THITA Branded getup and gear suitable for the Inspection Business | Full Business Plan customised to suit the new Inspector's Business | Full Financial Forecast to suit the new Inspector's Business.

Documents are included in the License Package:
License Application | License Agreement | Branded THITA get-up and gear at special rates | Customised Business Plan | Customised Forecast Budgets and Financial Modelling | Marketing material templates | Marketing Plan | Business entity advice | Business support

The THITA License Package costs R15 000 and and arrangements may be made to pay it off. Payment options include:
- Once-off: R15 000 upfront
- 3 Month Installment: R7 500 deposit with installments of R2 500 per month over 3 months
- 12 Month Installment: R1 250 per month over 12 months

THITA Classroom Style Course

THITA offers a 5 day Classroom Style Home Inspection Training class in selected areas and to groups of 5 or more students. The course focuses on theory in the first 3 days and 10 modules are completed with Tests. An Examination is also completed in day 3. A Practical Inspection is completed on day 4 with our Training Manager and THITA students are taken through the way in which the inspection data is recorded. On day 5 the THITA students complete two more inspections on their own and submit them. The students are graded and Certificates of Completion provided at the end of day 5 along with SASHI (South African Society of Home Inspectors) membership cards and THITA registration cards.

The THITA Classroom Course course costs R20 000 and arrangements may be made to pay it off. Payment options include:
- Once-off: R20 000 upfront
- 3 Month Installment: R10 000 deposit with installments of R833 per month over 3 months
- 12 Month Installment: R1 666 per month over 12 months

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THITA Home Inspection Course Modules

Our Training Manual Guide shows Students how they will be instructed
and consists of various Modules, all of which are Outcomes based.

Forget anything you have heard or learned about the Home Inspection business and profession and clear your mind of all pre-conceptions. Please regard THITA as your guide to self improvement and business success.

Our Training Manual Guide assists Students during their period of self study and thereafter - remaining as an easy to use referral guide to the profession, its guidelines, its role players, its rules, its pitfalls and its rewards.

Since we at THITA promote, as all other progressive educational bodies do, training by means of “learning outcomes”, we have designed the Training Manual Guide guide to list our intended learning outcomes for each Module i.e. what the essence is that we expect Students to glean from each particular Module. These are the new skills or knowledge that you should be able to apply upon completion of each Module.

We have designed each Module to progressively allow Students to put the new skills into practice as they go along and we have also included various self-evaluation tests which we expect Students to carry out at times which best suit them. Since our Students pay us for the privilege of imparting our knowledge to them, we trust that they will be willing to carry out these self-evaluation tests which are designed to increase their practical application of the theoretical information that we impart to them in each Module.

Our Training Manual Guide introduces Students to the attitudes and values they need to be able to meet SASHI (The South African Society Of Home Inspectors) final assessment criteria and to fulfil their role as a home inspector in a successful business.

The author of the THITA training material, GMR Lourens, developed it in collaboration with Intec College and after many years experience in the field as the overhead NHBRC Inspectorate. The Course has been designed to make provision for 10 open book written self-evaluation test papers, the results of which students send to us at THITA so that we can keep a record of their progress along with their final examination, practical inspection and its 4 follow up inspections that we expect Students to send to us for record and marking purposes.

We have also summarised the Training Manual Guide in a recommended study schedule, which indicates when we advise Students to complete a portion of the course (should be within 13 weeks, but Students can of course complete it at their own leisure or in as short a period as they prefer).

Since it is a self-study course, Students may set their own pace. We do recommend the time-table below in terms of which Students should complete the course in 12 weeks and carry out the practical inspection with an accredited THITA / SASHI inspector in the 13th week. The week after that should be spent in carrying out inspections on their own, on their own time and Students will be expected to submit them to THITA for marking.

Students should also carry out the self-evaluation tests after each Module has been completed.

Prior to embarking on this Course, Students will also be required to complete a Skills Level Evaluation questionnaire which must be submitted to THITA as soon as possible after enrolment. This questionnaire is also required for Students to become a candidate member of SASHI and will be used as a measurement of their current level of skills so it is in their best interests to fill it in without resort to friends and colleagues - that would be defeating its purpose.

Sample Course Timeline

Below is an example of how Student's timetable
should look for the duration of the course.

  • Weeks 1 & 2: Theory

    Module 1
    Self-Evaluation Test Paper 1

  • Weeks 3 & 4: Theory

    Module 2
    Self-Evaluation Test Paper 2

  • Weeks 5 & 6: Theory

    Module 3
    Self-Evaluation Test Paper 3

  • Weeks 7 & 8: Theory

    Modules 4 & 5
    Self-Evaluation Test Papers 4 & 5

  • Weeks 9 & 10: Theory

    Modules 6 & 7
    Self-Evaluation Test Papers 6 & 7

  • Weeks 11 & 12: Theory

    Modules 8 -10
    Self-Evaluation Test Papers 8 -10

  • Week 13: Practical

    Practical Inspection completed with
    accredited THITA / SASHI inspector: All Day

Complete further inspections before end of week 13 and submit to THITA along with final exam answers. Since we can only teach Students what we know and impart our expertise in the inspection field, it is important that they take note of the fact that there is prescribed material which they will have to acquaint themselves with in order to make a success as a home inspector.

The THITA Home Inspection Course provides all the prescribed material necessary to pass all the tests and the practical evaluation. We have divided the THITA training Course into ten Modules.